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The National Diabetes Education Program’s (NDEP) Diabetes HealthSense has a goal: to provide people who struggle with diabetes or who may be prediabetic with the resources they need to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Whether you have Type I or Type II diabetes, this website may help you. It focuses on several different aspects of diabetes management, and also provides resources so people can get assistance and information that will help them stay on the path to better blood sugar control.

Proper Research for Informed Patients

One of the main aspects of Diabetes HealthSense is the research it provides. Not every company or organization that claims to be helpful actually provides valuable, useful information. This is not the case with HealthSense, where the importance of rigorous research and reliable sources is well understood. By having the right information, patients can be informed about their care and condition in the best way possible.

There is a lot of misinformation available on the internet and in other places today, and that information can lead to people learning things about their condition that aren’t true. If they follow this inaccurate advice, they could be harmed by it. With Diabetes HealthSense, diabetics and their loved ones can know they are getting information that they can trust.

Reviews Ensure Accurate Resource Material

All of the information that goes on the HealthSense site is reviewed for accuracy, so people can trust it and use it without worrying that they are going to hurt their health. For this reason, HealthSense is a great way for people who are managing diabetes to find the tools and information they need to continue taking good care of themselves.

In addition to collecting so much vital information, HealthSense reduces the chances that diabetics will get conflicting advice, or even just an overload of accurate information, which on its own can lead to misunderstandings about the disease, its treatment, and the best way forward. That’s because all of the resources offered through HealthSense have been reviewed by independent experts on the process of behavioral change. These resources are re-evaluated every two years to ensure that they still comply with the HealthSense’s requirements for inclusion.

To get listed on the HealthSense site, a resource must be user-friendly, contain little to no advertising, and be accessible to the general public (though a nominal fee or a registration requirement for access are acceptable). In addition, the resources must be clear in addressing lifestyle changes and how these should be made. They must focus on weight, diet, stress, exercise, or another component of diabetes care, and have to bring value to the reader’s life.

What Sort of Resources Does HealthSense Provide?

The HealthSense website has a navigation column on the left-hand side which allows anyone seeking information to tailor the recommended resources by their condition, age, and interest. That way you can choose the section you are most interested in, or read the entire site for more information.

Eating Healthy and Staying Active

HealthSense emphasizes staying active and eating well. To avoid problems and manage their diabetes better, diabetics will want to get more exercise and eat better foods. But what foods should they eat? What kinds of exercise should they get, and how much? HealthSense can provide them with answers to those kinds of questions, and give diabetics guidance on what other resources to consider. Then visitors to the site can formulate an exercise and healthy eating plan that works for them and meets their needs. That can make a big difference in the management of diabetes, and that’s a large part of the value of the HealthSense program.

Weight Management is an Important Issue

Along with a healthy diet and an exercise program, weight management is an important part of managing diabetes, particularly Type II. Not everyone who is diabetic is overweight, but many people are. They can benefit greatly by losing weight, but they may not be sure how to go about it or what is going to work for them. Even losing a few pounds, however, can make a difference in bringing blood sugar numbers down. By giving them user-friendly, actionable advice on managing their weight appropriately, HealthSense helps people working on their weight manage their diabetes more easily. This may not be as much of a factor for a Type I diabetic, but it can make a big difference for someone who is struggling with Type II.

Stress Can Play a Role in Diabetes

If you are handling diabetes properly, you need to control the amount of stress in your life. Many people don’t realize how much mental health affects physical health, and stress is a large part of that. There is the stress of having diabetes and needing to manage it, but there is also just the stress of everyday life, any other health conditions you may have, and other factors in your life that could be affecting how you feel and how well you care for yourself. With HealthSense, you can learn to manage more than just your physical health.

Why Use Diabetes HealthSense?

Using HealthSense is a great way to have everything in one place, and a fantastic resource for you to refer to when you have questions, need reassurance, or want to focus on ways to make your condition more manageable. There are all sorts of ways to use the site, from learning about your condition to finding better ways to manage aspects you’re struggling with. If you’re having trouble with a particular part of your care and treatment, HealthSense recommends people you can reach out to and talk to.

HealthSense is also an excellent resource for anyone who cares about someone who has diabetes. Caregivers, friends, and family members may not always know what to say or do to help, but by visiting a site like HealthSense, they can learn new ways to interact with the diabetic in their life and how to help that person live healthier while still having plenty of fun. It’s a resource for everyone who wants to learn about diabetes, no matter the reason for their interest.

Other Resources to Consider

There are many other diabetes websites to improve care, all of which can be helpful if they’re sites that can be relied on for information. Sites that are operated by organizations and entities specific to diabetes, cures, and treatment are among the best choices. This includes such sites as:

There are also peer-reviewed sites and those that belong to schools and teaching hospitals, which can provide plenty of insight into diabetes care and treatment, along with further research into the condition. Overall, the goal is to ensure that care is addressed the right way, and that anyone with diabetes has the resources they need to manage their condition and stay healthy all throughout their life. HealthSense and other great sites can provide those resources.

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